Monday, 29 September 2008

Day 16. more riding, more eating, more drinking..

Got up around midday and its piping hot outside but we decided to try and ride anyway. We went over to the local BMX Shop ‘Flair BMX’ and asked the owner if he could point us in the way of some spots. He marked out on our map the location of a nearby concrete park so we decided to head down there to check it out. When we got there it wasn’t the concrete mecca we were hoping for but we rode it for a while sweating our tits off. Wally did the most amazing 360 attempt which resulted in a comical arse slide down the landing; I was on my back laughing at him.
We rode around Litchenburg and found a few good spots but couldn’t really ride for too long because of the heat. We ended up sunbathing for a while before heading back to the hostel for a bit of a siesta before heading out on the piss. We drank in a few bars around Friedrichshain before heading to the bar where Ross works. There was a private party but we managed to wangle our way in. Ross sorted us a few nice cocktails on the cheap which got us in the mood for something a bit more lively so we went to Club De Visionaire and partied until about 4.30am, pretty weak by Berlin standards I know.

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