Friday, 26 September 2008

Day 15. Barack Obama?

Slept in till around 1 or 2 and woke up feeling less than well. I made it to the pizzeria across the street for some cheap grub which I only just managed to keep down, crawling back to bed soon after for the rest of the afternoon.
We woke up at around 6pm and dragged our sorry arses out of bed to do some hardcore stuntin’. Democratic candidate for the US presidency Barak Obama is in Berlin today giving a speech at the Tiergarten so we raced across town to try and see it. Hung over to death and 30 odd degree aint didn’t really help our progress and when we got to Brandenburg Gate and saw the huge tide of people walking towards us we knew we had just missed it. Even though we had missed the speech it was amazing to see so many people in one place and getting moved was also impossible. Newspaper reports estimated 1.5 million people turned out to see Obama, even more than Love Parade 1999 which saw 1.2 million ravers take over the very same streets. We left the Tiergaten and headed away from the crowds but were soon stopped by Police at the bridge as Obama’s motokade was approaching; it was at least 20 vehicles deep.

We continued riding and found plenty of decent spots, Wally did a good feeble up a double kinker ledge and we tried to find the Kultureforum but must have ridden right past it.
On the way back we tried to find a kebab shop for a good 5 miles to no avail, well actually we found a couple but they didn’t have chicken and we were both hankering for a chicken doner so the search continued. We ended up in our local Imbiss after a long search and a hearty meal of sharwarma was had.


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