Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Before the dark days and the cold nights

 Black rails at Whitley Bay got the Cookie treatment at the end of Autumn

 This school near North Shields has a good rail to rail set up

 50-50 to icepick grind

 The grass landing after the second rail is a lot more forgiving than the concrete thankfully!

 Pete had about 25 wrecks trying 50-50 to pedal grind on the second, he got it in the end (but not on this attempt!)

Seems like a long time ago being able to go and ride street!

Some stuff to watch while you're sat in the house waiting for spring to arrive:

Ratty made this excellent interview/bio with Newcastle's Dave Young with some footage from the 80's. Its really well put together and Dave talks about what its like to still ride after becoming a father and holding down a full time job after being a pro.

So good to see Ruben riding again after so much time off with back trouble. Who could have guessed that you could fix a dicky back with a set of braces?! You can also watch Rubens 3 part 'First Hand' interview here

Its Christmas! Go and wear a silly hat and get mortal in your kitchen.

See you in 2011!