Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Its likely I will be leaving my job at the end of December, hopefully in January I am going to be moving to Amsterdam to do some labouring for my step Dads company. This is mainly down to my job being absolutely shit (I'm an admin officer for the DWP) and my financial situation dire. I reckon I'll be home every 5 weeks or so and hopefully I will have my bike over there. Not sure how this will affect this blog, might just have to feature some Dutch street spots for a while! If the ones I rode in the summer where anything to go buy, that won't be a bad thing..

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Jimmy Levan update

Just a quick update on Jimmy's progress and his fund raising so far sincehis accident. The good news is that Jimmy has been progressing pretty well since he cameout his coma last week and sounds better each time I talk to him on thephone. He has been transferred from the ICU at Morristown Memorial Hospitalto the JFK Brain Rehabilitation Institute and is up, shuffling around andpiecing his memory back together. It'll be a long road to recovery but weare lucky that he is in the best rehab center for his injuries and has greatfriends behind him.The bad news is that Jimmy's insurance WILL NOT cover his rehab programwhich he just checked into. The estimated total of the rehab bills is estimated at $70,000 at least and that's coming out of his family's pocket.As you know EmpireBMX is matching donations to the Jimmy fund and nowOdyssey is matching what Empire matches, so we are talking tripplingwhatever you donate!The Empire fund match ends at the end of the business day on Friday so ifyou haven't donated to the fund already, now would be the time to do it!Here's the link to EmpireBMX to donate
-Sandy Carson

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Olly Olsen Dig advert..

A good friend of mine and fellow street spot enthusiast Olly Olsen features in the latest Attila advert in Dig issue 62, photo by none other than Jimmy Nezza. Kerb boost-table 180 POW!!

Fly reveal new Dylan Smith signature frame..

The new Dylan Smith frame is still in the testing stages but it looks pretty good and it also has a feature not seen on a frame for quite some time- the built in bash guard. The bash guard was designed by Ruben Alcantara and attaches itself to the frame with 2 bolts on the bottom bracket and on the chain stay gusset.
Here it is on Rubens bike.
The bash guard is made of some sort of super light plastic so weight wouldn't be an issue and it will probably be good for grinds too. The frame also has the removable brake lugs so the frame looks clean if your riding brakeless and saves you the hassle (and warranty!) of cutting them off. Geometry wise it is similar to a KP Tierra frame but with bigger dropouts, higher seat tube and a steeper head angle. It has all the other regular fly bike features (Guiri tabs, spanish BB etc) and weighs in at about 4.8 pounds. As with most fly bikes products this will more than likely be a winner but it will be interesting to see if the bash guard takes off, its certainly better than Rooftops frame on Hoffman with the built in metal monstrosity that weighed probably the same as a frame itself!! Surprising how it never went to production even in the realm of motorbike chains and pegs made of scaffolding...

Monday, 19 November 2007

sick of my life!!

What a weekend. Shit weather, can't ride then last night my girlfirend splits up with me (* since got back together I think?) and to top it off i've been charged £43 off my bank on top of the other £70odd they have already raped me for this month. The rollercoaster of life eh??