Thursday, 2 October 2008

Cramlington Concrete *updated

Not sure how this went under the radar, only heard about it yesterday. The park looks pretty impressive, quite skate orientated and with some interesting and unique obstacles. No word on an opening day yet but security doesn't look too bad..


Rode the park on Sunday (05/10/08) and the park is much smaller than it looks on these photos, that nipple thing for example is about 2.5 ft high.. However the park is really fun if you can actually get a run in amonst the inbred Cramlington inhabitants, the bowl is really nice about 5.5ft high with a nice hip and sub. The park opens tomorrow 08/10/08 so hopefully the park will have been sparayed and ready for the opening (it was really dusty on Sunday).

Get well soon to the rider from Cramlington who snapped his collarbone in the bowl :-(


finchy said...

how come everywhere is getting sweet little parks al of a sudden!
newcastle needs another one! with a roof.

gforce1 said...

word finchy! looks great that park!

Anonymous said...

we`re not inbred here & the rider who broke his collarbone is from Cramlington....he`s not inbred either hehe

Mexican John said...

haha I meant the kids not the riders! hehe

How's that lad getting on is he OK?

Anonymous said...

hes fine hes riding again ii go there and ii always see him im one of the locals