Monday, 20 July 2009

New spot in Whitley

These new marble blocks have just been put in around the side of the new Playhouse, unrideable as yet but look as though they should be pretty good.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gravy and chips, flatbanks and stunts

Got out at about 12pm and the weather looked like it could go either way, ominous clouds and the odd glimpse of sunlight here and there. Hooked up with Marty and decided to head up to Benton and Killingworth to ride street, but not before we had had some bait at the local greasy spoon van. We made our way up to the lorry depot in Benton to ride the banks and Wally met us there too.

£2.30 is a fucking rip off for gravy and chips but they were canny nice

We rode there for a while before the rain forced us to retreat under the bushes in the corner for 10 minutes until it passed and the sun came out again.

This spot is back in business, cheers to Shithawks for the info

We rode along from there to Killingworth to ride a few spots. Marty found a curved wallride that would have been mint if the grass was dry or if we had any wood but he made the most anyway. Definitely need to go back there on a dryer day.

From here we went to check out a gap over a rail at one of the subways, it turned out it couldn't be done without slamming into the wall after landing. Looks like it has potential though..
Get it done son..

We headed from Killingworth to Burradon to ride a small public skate park which is next to a primary school. Just next to it in a housing estate we rode this weird cobblestone flat bank which has a grass bank on the back of it so you can use it like a jump box. Marty's first 360 attempt resulted in his tire nearly being ripped off by the rough cobbles and he scorpion flipped onto the grass! Funny shit.

The small skate park at Burradon is pretty fun for half an hour or something. The local kids there were pretty funny. "wweeeew these guys are proppa lefel like"

Marty doing his best Chase Hawk impression out of a metal 4ft quarter

After a decent days riding we headed home and went our separate ways. I made a massive paella and it was class.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Some photo's by Richo

Paul Devine



Wicked Joe




Marty again

Cheers to Richo for letting me use his snaps. Very nice they are too.