Thursday, 25 September 2008

Day 12. street riding in the rain..

It was good to sleep in a proper bed last night but still felt like I had only slept for about 5 minutes, probably have more than a few hours to catch up on after the weekend’s action. Pretty slow day, rolled down to Alexander platz mid afternoon to meet Ratty, Cookie and Robbie. We sat for a while discussing Brammers getting sucked off by 2 whores for €150 not far from where we were standing a mere 12 hours earlier..
The weather was looking pretty shit (again) but we headed out to a few spots and made the best of it. Found a good spot last week with a load of slippy flat ledges in the middle of an apartment complex which we revisited and sessioned for a while.
Cookie, feebs to hang 5

These kids were cool and funny as fuck! Check the skin on the left.

With Berlin being such a huge city we had barely scratched the surface of what could be found to ride even in Mitte. There does not seem to be a lot of local street riders and with less video/magazine/web coverage than cities such as NYC or Barcelona I’m sure there will be hundreds of spots waiting to be found. After a few more spots nearby everybody wanted to ride the pool at the campsite but not surprisingly it rained as soon as we got near it, it didn’t look like stopping so we called it a day.
We all reconvened a few hours later and went for some Vietnamese food. After a good feed I was ready for bed but Benson was flying home in the morning so my arm was twisted for a few beers. We said our goodbyes after a few ales in the bar next to our hostel then hit the hay.

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