Sunday, 28 October 2007

new spots 28/10/07 and update

Yo Yo sorry for the lag in between posts, unfortunately I'm still not online at home so my web time is limited. Anyway the clocks went back last night, extra hour in bed but one less hour of daylight for riding- not good. Exhibition park has been over run with spakka radge twats on mountain bikes with a big back wheel and a small front wheel, what better reason do you need to go exploring?
Found a couple of really good spots recently that are not too far away, so get out there and check em out. If anyone has found any decent spots around Newcastle, drop me a line either on here or on streetphire and I'll come and document it.
Winter is only round the corner and I think we need to build a ghetto park somewhere, I'm currently hunting for a spot so again if anyone has any ideas let me know.(double click the images to view full screen) -MEX

This spot is just near the flats in Gateshead, not far from the Redheugh bridge. The end one is waxed up real good and there are endless possibilities for backwards and manual stuff.

Olly Olsen- fakie bars x2

Jo Oliphant-180 curved wallride

Another gateshead spot, this time in the new apartment complex up from the Hilton Hotel. Its tight and fast, just how you like it!