Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Newcastle & Gatehead spots on Google Streetview

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Those transitions in Gatehead..

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Newcastle Uni double kinker

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Cowgate roundabout.. has anyone done the gap yet?

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Law courts steps

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5 Bridges

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The wallride at the Haymarket bus station

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The gap to rail that Marc Bell destroyed at the end of NSF1. Its still insane!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

South Shields

Alex icepick

Adam tailwhip nosepick on a borrowed bike

Marc with the half cab b's

Marc 1 handed x-up stall

Olly footjam

Olly 70-30 stall?

Chicken dinner

Olly fakie bars

Olly 1 handed footjam

Marty 180- fakie pop

Alex barspin

Olly precision tailwhip nosepick

Marty fakie whopper

Olly wallride to table

Marty's version

Marty with a shady pillar fakie at the market

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Friday photos

Wally footplant transfer

Wally 180 over the jersey

Olly Olsen table in the bowl

Shin injury #156 for Wally

Kevin Robinson inspired training session inbetween spots complete with protein shakes for the team at Wally's gym

Carmine grass shit wipe

Wally tailwhip nosepick

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sundays are for street riding

Woke up with a lethal hangover from a particularly wild cider drinking session while watching the Amir Khan fight last night. 3 paracetamol and a litre of water later and I was a little better but then felt like puking again as soon as I got on the Shields ferry to get across to South Shields to meet Marc. It was either that or ride to town and I was thankful for the lift in my fragile state. Traffic was a fucking nightmare all the way to Newcastle and it took us a good hour to get to Exhibition Park. It seems like I wasn't the only one feeling sorry for myself as Chris Lee and Jim where also suffering from last nights activities!
The obligatory skatepark warm up was done and dusted and we set off with a loose plan of riding some spots. The first spot off the day was a jersey barrier just near to the Gate. Its a pretty good set up if you grind on the right as you can jump off the curb on to it.

Chris Lee feebs to headless Luc flip

Marc Bell feebs to boost

Enforcer 50-50

Marc Bell nose bonk

After that we rode Tilleys ledge for 10 minutes before heading down to the Arena Car park as Jim wanted to check out some line. Rob snapped his chain (again) riding down there and knacked his knee. Get a better chain Rob! There was too much glass and a security guard with a head like a meatball so once Robs bike was sorted we moved on.
As we were riding across the Redheugh Bridge some filthy bugger was getting noshed off by another shifty looking gentleman in the notorious bot spot under the bridge! If you are ever near the Arena I would refrain from entering those bushes unless you want to be bummed within an inch of your life.
Once we got to Gateshead we rode the funny square blocks near the flats but no one was really feeling it but we messed about there for a little bit.

James Newrick gap to smith grind

A little further on and Chris Lee dropped a canny wallride down some stairs.

Chris Lee one times that wall

We rode in the general direction of Gateshead stadium and stopped at this mellow bank with a path gap at the top onto the road. This was pretty fun blasting the gap or jumping into the bank.

James Newrick fast manny to gap

Chris Lee gap 180

Chris tried to downside footplant the bollard..

..and ate shit!

Marc Bell fakie to half cab bars

We headed to McDonald's for a much needed hit of fat and salt. My chips were so salty in fact that my lips felt like they were shrivelling up, lay off the salt Ronald. Bic came and met us and we headed to Gateshead stadium to ride the sweet marble blocks out front. We had a decent session there and rode them for a good hour. Chris's ankle was goosed from his slam on the bollard so he got a lift home from Tommy Lee soon after.

Marc Bell stretched suicide no hander

Marc again

Jim with a tuck no hander

Rob getting all stylish off the block



On the way back to Newcastle we cut through an industrial estate which had some big mud banks which are nice and steep. There is one part of it that will make an amazing hip if it is packed in, I jumped it a few times but it was so soft I nearly went over the bars when I landed!

This thing will be awesome when it gets rode in..

Crew chillin'

Marc Bell barspin

Everyone was pretty beat so we decided to call it a day. Marc was driving back to South Shields so kindly dropped me off at the pedestrian tunnel and saved me a 9 mile ride. A good day.

Scary wooden escalators!!

The tunnel is cool as fuck