Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Before the dark days and the cold nights

 Black rails at Whitley Bay got the Cookie treatment at the end of Autumn

 This school near North Shields has a good rail to rail set up

 50-50 to icepick grind

 The grass landing after the second rail is a lot more forgiving than the concrete thankfully!

 Pete had about 25 wrecks trying 50-50 to pedal grind on the second, he got it in the end (but not on this attempt!)

Seems like a long time ago being able to go and ride street!

Some stuff to watch while you're sat in the house waiting for spring to arrive:

Ratty made this excellent interview/bio with Newcastle's Dave Young with some footage from the 80's. Its really well put together and Dave talks about what its like to still ride after becoming a father and holding down a full time job after being a pro.

So good to see Ruben riding again after so much time off with back trouble. Who could have guessed that you could fix a dicky back with a set of braces?! You can also watch Rubens 3 part 'First Hand' interview here

Its Christmas! Go and wear a silly hat and get mortal in your kitchen.

See you in 2011!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Trip photos

 We started the trip off in Amsterdam after getting the ferry overnight from North Shields. We had planned on riding here for about a week but the weather was shit so we left after 2 nights in search of dryer weather.

 taking shelter from the rain..

We had planned on camping for the entire month, God knows what we were thinking! It was freezing. We lasted 2 nights before I threw my tent in the bin and checked into a hostel.

The next stop was Cologne, Germany and we fell in love with it straight away. Cheap beer, good people and incredible street spots everywhere

Most of the outdoor ramps we rode were very quiet and we hardly saw any riders all month. This mini was one of the best 
The ledge that Dave Osato breaks his foot on in Road Fools 6. Dave Freimuth pulls it in the video, its an absolute beast

Cologne University

I bought an issue of Cream magazine about 10 years ago in Paris and it had a Markus Wilke interview with a poster of him doing a wallride to table at this spot. We found it by accident riding through the city one day and needless to say it didnt disappoint- so good
Replica Max Gaertig bike in the People's store owned by Wethepeople

Love locks on the bridge in Cologne

 Dussldorf University was amazing even though a lot of the more famous spots had been capped.. there was still countless things to ride. We didnt even get kicked out and rode it for about 4 hours.

The Kebab factory in Hamburg, those boys work it like a production line

Hamburg: not short on street spots..

Those banks in Hamburg took some searching but they were worth it

Coffee break in Berlin

above x4: a very deserted Mellow Park. The whole place is currently getting rebuilt and there was hardly a soul around.

 The sign for Flair BMX in Berlin, think its an old Hoffman Taj

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Germany Trip video

Here is the video from our trip to Germany. It was an amazing month can't wait to do it again.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Carts of Darkness

Homeless people who fly down hills on shopping trolleys collecting cans and bottles as they go to make enough money to eat. Need i say more?! Get stuck into this excellent 1 hour documentary.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Summer Playpark Edit

I've been working on this edit for the last couple of months and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I would have liked to have gotten a few more clips from everyone but nevermind. Filmed in the various kid's playparks from Whitley Bay to North Shields. Hope you enjoy it!

Seaburn Jam snaps

He's back! Grind combo legend Chris Souter leaves his pegs alone with a massive 180 out of the curved wallride. Souter has a plan to ride from Sunderland to Hastings on his BMX soon in what promises to be quite an adventure! Find out more here