Thursday, 11 September 2008

Pole Jam and infiltration

Got up to town at a reasonable time and rode exy for a while and waited for the boys to turn up. Me, the Count, Jim, Scotty T and Pete headed over to a few spots in Longbenton for the afternoon to escape the masses at the skatepark. We rode this spot behind the Sage offices which has a few benches laid out facing different ways with a short gap to path, Scott did a wicked short mani hop-180 off the bench and over the gap and Jim did a hop over the bench to mani-180 the bigger gap to the road, good stuff lads.
After all the cars had shifted we had a short sesh on a pole that some unfortunate soul had backed into after picking up some bits and bobs from Wickes.

Who's that?!

Scott quick boost to table

Next we checked out a primary school not far away, we had to climb over a vicious looking fence to get in to ride some shit flat banks, as soon as we did it pissed it down trapping us inside the school for half an hour or so. We sat in a doorway to one of the buildings and looked up at some of the artwork in the window and decided that some was good but most was shit. We realised the climb back to freedom was going to be more dangerous than it was when we came in thanks to the rain but we all eventually made it over unscathed, just!
Bike ladder

Watch oot for the onion bag!
Pete mid flight!

The rain showed no sign of letting up so we ended up sitting in Buff House all day watching videos after that, I braved the weather at about 9.30pm and made the sorry journey home to sunny North Shields.

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