Friday, 26 September 2008

Day 13. Sun, skate park & snakerun?

I was rudely awoken this morning by what sounded like sasquatch but it just turned out to be Mundo snoring his back off, put a stop to that with a swift flip-flop to the head! We left the bikes and bags at Rattys last night so made our way over about 1.30pm. Kenny and the rest of the boys where leaving today and were already running late when they discovered that my bike was locked to theirs with my lock. In the panic they decided the best course of action was to rob a pair of bolt cutters from the nearby hardware store and cut the offending lock off and make a dash for the station for their train to Amsterdam. The funny thing was the key for the lock was in the flat the whole time! Never mind, shite lock anyway.
Today was the first day that the sun had came out properly since we got to Berlin and it was a welcome sight, it was also blisteringly hot. In the heat me and Wally planned to head up towards the airport again and find the elusive concrete rhythm that we saw on day 1. We got the train on the outer circle line to roughly where we thought the spot might be and started searching. After a while we found a BMX shop and the owner pointed us in the direction of the local concrete park with a snake run nearby, we knew this had to be it. The park was fun with a few hips and grind boxes, we rode there for a few hours in the relentless midday sun.

Wally x2, smith grind across the sub

The ‘snake run’ around the corner did turn out to be that spot from Day 1 and even though we were knackered rode it for as long as we could. It was fun to blast through and ride it like a set of trails, so many possibilities.
If you go through the lot trust me your fucking knackered by the end!

shit camera phone vid! (heavy breathing by Wally!)

A really good session today made even sweeter by the excellent weather that was also forecast for the next week.
Its Mundos last day today before he heads north to Sweden before returning to Norway for graft so we headed out to the excellent Vietnamese Restaurant we went to last week. We said our goodbyes to anther and we made our way back to the hostel for bed. A good day.


gforce1 said...

lmto heavy breathing by Wally hehe

Marc, Prefab77 said...

Never has anyone wrote about a trip so long after it happened. But quality reading nonetheless. Mint.

Mexican John said...

aye a kna I've been slacking, better late than never though eh?!