Sunday, 21 February 2010

Pattaya, Thailand

I had read and heard many things about Pattaya before I got here; 'sex tourism capital of the world', 'shit hole' and 'fucking stinks' were the things popped up most. Once we landed in Bangkok my Uncle Mark was to meet us and be our guide for the first 2 weeks and as he was staying in Pattaya with friends, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Mark had booked us into a very nice hotel to which we were very thankful after our long flight and jet lag. Alba's bag had not turned up at the Airport and she was almost inconsoleable but the soft kingsize bed and marble tiled bathroom did offer her some comfort however. Thankfully Emirates located the said bag and returned  it to her at our hotel within 24 hours. Smiles all round once again!

Our Hotel room

After a few days here I'm starting to get into the swing of things, the jet lag and cold I was carrying from the UK is gone and the heat hasnt been too hard to adjust to. My taste buds have taken to the spicy cuisine very well I just wish my bowels would catch up with them, imodium sales must be through the roof here! Nearly all the things I was told or read about Pattaya are true but I still like it here for some reason, you could say it has a certain character about it.

This is right out the front of our plush hotel, a reminder of the stark contrast of wealth in Thailand. Rude Dog and the dweebs have fell on hard times

The city is very built up and the roads are always busy clogged with cars, scooters and tour buses. Road laws are non exsistant here and riding on the back of my Uncle's scooter was a scary experience at times! 5 star resorts sit next to corregated iron shacks and packs of stray dogs roam the streets. When the sun goes down the streets come alive with vendors on wheels selling everything from lazer pens to pastel drawings of Muhammed Ali and roasted scorpions. Wide eyed western men creep about ogling the young thai women in the Go Go Bars and massage parlours with neon signs lighting up the night. Although the sex trade is rife, its not seedy or in your face. You can walk about at night without any bother and feel quite safe. All the people here are friendly and go out of their way to help you.

yes those are insects roasted in peanut oil, I've not tried them yet..

It has been great catching up with my Uncle who has been showing me the best of the city, especially all of the top food joints. I've never ate so well! Yesterday would have been my Grans birthday so we went to her favourite restaurant to celebrate. It was an all you can eat place where you picked your own meat and have the chef cook it to your liking. It was amazing! So much good food. To top it all off a Thai Elvis was performing who actually was pretty good.

I couldnt beleive my eyes either!

"Wiwa Las Vegas!!"
Good food, good company and a Thai Elvis. Does it get any better?!

Tomorrow we leave Pattaya for Ko Chang, the second largest island in Thailand which is about a 3.5 hour drive and ferry ride away. Can't wait to get to those beaches!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Holidays are here and Winter Skatepark edit

Yesterday was the last time I got to ride for the next 4 months because I'm off on my travels to Thailand and South East Asia on Monday, to say I am excited would be an understatment to say the least! This week me and my girlfriend have packed all of our stuff up and today we moved it all into a storage place up at Byker. Thats pretty much everything we own in that shittty crate! Haha.
Aside from my friends and family my bike and riding is the thing that I will miss most for sure, bit gutted the weather wasnt a little better this week so I could ride more but never mind. I left my bike with Jo so I can get it as soon as I get back, fuck leaving it in that crate! I get back in June just in time for the lazy summer sessions and maybe a trip to Berlin? Who knows.

Here is my first attempt and making an edit using my Lumix LX3. The software is a bit shit but it didnt turn out too bad! I hope to get a proper editing programme eventually.

Hopefully I can get some updates done while I'm away.

See you in the summer :-)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cookie in Berlin

cookie-dutch/deutsch-summerchills from Pegs eleven on Vimeo.

Good friend Cookie puts together this awesome edit from his travels to Berlin. Makes me miss Berlin and the summer even more! Cookie rides for Kink.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Some photos of Dom from today

 Dom gets to grips with the curved wall ride at Black Park, Whitley Bay.

A bit of ice shouldnt be enough to stop you riding! This brush was aquired from a building site a little earlier in the day to sweep up the skatepark since none of us have keys for the broom cupboard down there. Even though we swept up as much ice as we could and drained all the excess water it was still too slippy to ride.

Barspin down at Brown's Bay in Cullercoats. 

All photos of Dom Johnson. The lad was on fire today!