Friday, 26 September 2008

Day 14. Lazy days..

Me and Wally slept in before going for breakfast and a much needed trip to the laundrette. We set off riding across the river to Krauzberg and rode there for most of the day exploring the back streets and courtyards of the countless apartment complexes. We had a good session and found some good things to ride although we did spend an hour in the Volkspark looking for a skatepark that didn’t seem to exist, it was nice just blasting around the park in the sun avoiding all the dodgy African fellas trying to sell us weed! After a below par falafel tea we headed back for a bit of a siesta.
That night we drank most of the bottle of Jagermeister that Mundo kindly gave us for letting him stay with us and then headed over to Watergate for some late night early morning dancing/drinking/chatting shit.

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