Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Random Shit

Word up. Lack of posts lately as I've just moved house and I don't have an Internet connection, to make matters worse there ain't even a sodding BT line installed so if I want to get it in its gonna cost an arm and a leg. Sour buzz. Luckily someone nearby has a unsecured Wi-Fi hub so I can nick their Internet for the time being.
Summer holidays are in full swing and Whitley park is chocker block and usually covered in crisp packets and empty bottles at the moment, try and hit it in the morning or evening to avoid scruffy faced kids on Thomas the Tank Engine scooters. Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks or so:

Jo toothy hangs it at the Wastes

Jo, boost on the Waste Land quarter

Paulie is going to have a sore neck in the morning!

This bus ride was mental. Battle Hill's finest Hen Party out in full force on the Quayside (Venga) bus going into town, Whalen and German George getting in amougst it!

Align CentreSam, hop up to 360 off at Whitley Bay High School

Above x3- NoName party down at the Tyne Bar the other week was really good with Jackmaster playing the headline set.

The new gaff- sweet as a nut.

Whitley Park- I had to take this photo at 4am to capture it this quiet