Thursday, 5 June 2008

Todays riding..

Myself, Jo, Sean and Marty set out on the streets this evening, had a really good session. Rode a few new and a couple of spots from ages ago- the flat bank in the photos used to have a slide going down it but has since been removed making it rideable, its a total glass pit but we managed to get away punture free. Jo was rocking and rolling on the wooden ledge to the side of the bank, Marty was fakie whipping & table topping and Sean was pulling tailwhip nosepicks with ease.
Next we went to ride some curved wallrides at the pedestrian tunnel entrance in Howdon, but unfortunately there has been a fence bolted on to it making it unrideable- gutted! Luckily the Jarrow side of the tunnel has a sweet bank to sub so we sessioned there for a while, Jo was all over it like a rash doing his usual aray of peggery, and also learnt a new trick- foot in the tire wall plant- Sick! I tried the trick myself and ended up doing a strange no footed flip, landed on my shoulder and did a lush scorpion slide down the bank (see pics). Thank fuck for grass thats all I can say!

Marty table

Hew lads I've got one!

post scorpion slide

Jo rock 180

just having a bit of kipping down time!

Jo 5050

Sean boomerang tailwhip nosepick

Marty of course, 180 fakie up the bank to WHOP

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Pete said...

ou est? Park is looking like its coming on well, can't wait.