Thursday, 29 May 2008

Whitley Bay Skatepark update

Here's an update from Ros who works for North Tyneside Council:
From outside the barriers the site looks small but once inside it feels bigger. It won't be the biggest skatepark in the world but there will bedifferent lines to ride and skate. There have been a few tweaks for variousreasons but the main design is more or less the same as last time.
So as a little reminder this is what we will have (will try to remember all the bits!)
Near Panama Bowl Gardens entrance we have: Panama Bowl 1.5 m ( 5ft) deep plus 1 m over vert (could use it as halfpipe) dropping to 2.1 m (7 ft deep kidney bowl) Kidney bowl has hipped saddle 1.5 m (5 ft) deep drop into bowl with 60 cm drop to skate area leading to driveway. 1.2 m high flat bank with transitioned Hubba and 1.2 m transition to Driveway and Wall ride.
Driveway is 0.75 m high flatbanks with transitioned edges. Wallride is 1.95 m at highest point going to 1.5 m at either side.
There is a slight change to the roll over where it was hipped to the wallnearest the path.The "Wave" wall leads round to the Promenade Bowl (near the prom!) There is now a 1.2 m high platform area that goes to a flatbank leading to ground level behind the Promenade bowl. There is also a ledge next to this flatbank that goes behind the bowl and joins up to the flat bank and stair set on the side of the bowl! The ledge is 90 cm at the highest point from ground level. The Promenade bowl is 1.8m high.
Going back to the Panama Bowl street side. On the flat leading to the Hubba there will be a grind rail 30 cm high. On the grass bank side of thePanama Bowl there will be a curved block 60 cm high. As you go towardsthe Pier 7 and flatbanks there will be a 30 cm high Manual pad to one sidenear the grass bank. The Pier 7 is still 15 cm high on one side and goes to 45 cm drop. The Hubba on the grass bank side is 60 cm high The Jersey Barrier is next to the flat bank with Pier 7. It has a transitioned bottom and flatbanks below leading to the driveway. There are also transitions hips leading from the street area to the driveway. As you leave the Pier 7 you travel along to the Stair set with Hubba, Rail Flatbank and ledge behind the Promenade Bowl. Before you get to the stair set there is a stand alone block 45 cm high and a block to the side near the grass bank 60 cm high. As you go down the stair set you come to the Taco in the tight corner. It has been moved to one side near to the grass bank side. It now has a bitof a hip at the back of it to one side . Should be interesting. The Taco is 1.2 m high.
Well hope this helps. Good day to be out skating and riding.
Speak to you soon.
Regards Ros
Rosalind J. Taylor
Urban Games Development Officer
Play and Urban Games SectionLocality and Preventative Services
Children Young People and Learning Directorate
North Tyneside Council
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North Shields
Tyne and Wear
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