Sunday, 15 June 2008

Rolling deep on the streets

Had a nice lazy morning and some good quality smoked back bacon to start the day, it set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. Met up with Marc Bell and the rest of the South Shields locals at the park across the street from North Shields Police Station. We messed around there for a bit, Adam was doing some sweat tables out of the slide and using it as a hip.

Adam- table

Next we went along to this wierd cobblestone banks spot which is tricky to ride because the banks are rough and there isn't much run out at the bottom, but Marc didn't have any problems doing the gap to opposite wallride from the path to the wall.

Marc- gap to wallride

Next we went up to ride some more banks in New York dubbed rather aptly Brooklyn Banks. This spot is a lot of fun, it is basically a long concrete hump that can be ridden like a hip or a jump box. We met up with Wally, Marty, Sean, Chris, Paul & Caris and rode there for a while.

Alex- decade nosepick

Mouse- turndown

We rode this manual pad behind the swimming pool for a bit while we waited for Rob and O'Grady to complete the crew for the day, can't remember the last time we had this many riders out in Shields.
We coasted down to black park in Whitley Bay but the session didn't really get going there because there were a few families with kids running about but Marty was nearly pulling the curved wallride to manual to whip which he apparently pulled the other night, too good. Rob fell off on his first run ripping his arm up pretty good, second run well straight on his arse. Chin up lad!

Rob's gonna have a tasty school boy scab tomorrow!

With it being a Sunday we said goodbye to the South Shields lot because the last ferry is at 6pm and the rest of us headed down to the chippy near the spanish city for some much needed bait. If your ever down there don't go to Pantrinis' as it is a fucking rip off and not even any good! Go to the Arcade chippy or Seashells instead. So before I go off on a tangent about scampi and mushy peas I shall finish the story. We went across to the site of the new skatepark here in Whitley Bay to eat our chips and got excited with the progress that the builders have made. Although I'm not convinced the hips have been built to spec, look a bit low to me but we'll soon see I suppose once its complete..

We went up to one of the best grass banks to wall known to man and sessioned there for a while, lot of tricks getting thrown out most notably Wally pulling a perfect footplant tailwhip and coming so close to a double footplant seat grab thingy, he'll definitly get it next time. Marty was going nuts too with his usual array of tricks as well as a couple of Ruben-rides for good measure.

Marty x3- down table, invert, Ruben

Wally x3- tailwhip footplant & Ninja wallplant

We fannyed about in Sainsburys car park for a bit and I elbow dropped the ground on a wallride, buzzing! That was the end of the session, one of the best in a while. Cooked a cracking red Thai curry just before as well, king prawns the lot! Mint day :-)

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