Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Penicuik Skatepark, Scotland

This past saturday myself, Wally, Jo, Chris, Sean and Marty chanced the weather and headed up north across the border to ride Penicuik skatepark. Marty and Sean had been before and were raving about this multi hipped mecca and a quick search on Google confirmed what they had been saying. The park looked amazing, loads of hips, big wallride, nipple/volcano thing and a few blocks and flatbanks.
We set off early doors and got up there pretty quick thanks to Jo gunning it at every chance he got (while avoiding the countless speed cameras on the way to Scotland). When we got there the park was completely empty, could hardly believe it! No glass or chavs (neds!) to be seen. Happy days. The park was quite imtimidating at first but after a few hours we all got into it. One thing that was a shitter though was the amount of midgies up there, my arms are covered in bites and I'm still itching as I type this!! Fuck. 
The park is super good and well worth a visit, it even stayed dry all day until the rain finally caught up with us on the way back to good old Newcastle.


tony said...

park looks dope, and your writing is extremely british. love it. keep the blog rolling!


One fucking ledge in the entire park??

Now I know why I used to ride street, damn.

Tom Finch said...

went there with proper, really fun park!

Ollie said...

corrr i'd like to sample those rails