Monday, 19 October 2009

Sunday Factory Session

There is this factory near Wallsend that has one of the best spots around hidden inside it. I first stumbled upon it while living near Hadrian Park Metro station many moons ago. Inside the factory yard there is a long bank to wall ride, a concrete hip and a few other bits and pieces. Part of the wall is curved and the end part has an elbow so you can wall ride to wall ride as well. The best thing about this spot is that once your inside you rarely get bothered by anyone, no security or nosey busy bodies questioning what your doing. Nice and quiet.
The wall used to be really shady in places and there was a battered old billboard sign in the way of one part. The brickwork was recently redone and the sign removed. The barb wire has been removed as well on that part of the wall so its easier just to jump over from the road side rather than crawl under the gate round the front.
Yesterday me, Joe, Marty and Sean headed up for a session. Joe brought his home made kicker ramp to make things a bit more interesting!

Joe pegs the wall out of the shady flat bank! Massive

Marty getting real on the wall ride

This spot is just in the nearby Burnside school, we got kicked out in seconds though..

Marty fakie to whopper

Marty lays it down flat with a little help from the kicker

Marty took it hard on the first attempt at this gap to wall but he got it done after a couple of tries


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gforce1 said...

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