Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Death Kebab

I love kebabs. Doner, Chicken, Shish.. I love them all. Kebab wraps, kebab and chips, kebab skewers; they are all friends of mine. Just like any restaurant or eatery the quality and price varies from place to place. If you are sticking to the Doner the product isn't gonna change too much from place to place. Instead of being made in house its usually bought in from a wholesalers. The spiced spinning stick may not be the greatest quality meat in the world but it usually satisfies thousands of hungry party goers every weekend up and down the country.

I'll set the scene. Typical Friday night, few beers with the lads and before long my hunger gets the better of me. Being at a friends in Newcastle city centre a kebab house is never too far a way so without too much persuasion one of the lads is roped into picking up the scran.
The closest place to us was Mighty Bite which is located on Westgate Road right next to the Star Pub and the O2 Academy. A respectable establishment I thought..

I could hardly wait for the bait to arrive. I had ordered a chicken kebab with all the salad and garlic sauce, a safe bet at most places. Upon receiving my late night snack I was overjoyed with the smells and overall weight of it. "Sorted" I thought as I began to hungrily tuck in. As far as kebabs go it wasn't bad, a bit overly greasy but everything else seemed in order. That was until I got to the last few mouthfuls of chicken. I remember biting down and feeling something hard and then something else, I then pulled out 3 chicken ribs (I think) the longest being about 2 inches long!

Those 3 things in the middle are bones. Looks like a prehistoric Adidas logo doesn't it?!

Now any normal person would probably stop eating after this grim discovery but I used the logic that all the bones must be gone so I carried on. Luckily I was right, no more bones were to be found. However there was one last surprise for me lurking at the bottom of my meal. On the last mouthful I bit into what can only be described as connective tissue or some other piece of meat that shouldn't be in a chicken kebab, especially since they are usually made with chicken breast!

Can you tell what it is yet?!

I hope you've already had your tea!

I know I should have took it back and kicked off but I had demolished the lot and it wasnt me who bought the damn thing.. I know one thing though I won't be going back!


Krippa said...

Great blog mate, funny but vile.

ricky_abrams said...

You missed out on the keeeeeeebab craic the other night dude. Me, C4 and lognog hit Kebabish. Twas beautiful. The best kebab shop in town ?!