Wednesday, 11 November 2009


For the second year running North Tyneside council has laid on an 'extreme' event imaginatively named Xperience. It was held on the last weekend in October to coincide with the annual Surf competition in Tynemouth, not a great time of year for the weather usually and not surprising it pissed down just like last year. The BMX side of things was taken care of Team Extreme and this year they brought their vert ramp and questionable 'street' course along for everyone to have a crack at and to do a few demos. Sure the course was a bit shit but it was OK for something different to ride for half an hour but it soon got pretty busy and the course was over run. If BMX wasn't your thing you could have watched the snowboarding big air or even some Mountain Boarders jumping a van when it wasn't pissing down. I think there was a circus tent or some shit and for some reason a beat boxing showcase. Down with the kids man. The best thing about it all is that I've won a session for 2 to go paddle boarding in a random competition, cant wait to take wor lass down to the sea and watch her try her hand at the zimmer frame of the water sports world.

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