Saturday, 17 October 2009

Optimus Prime barebacking a decepticon

The funniest thing since Tim Westwoods twitter craic has to be the comments underneath Dubstep tunes on Youtube. It seems to be the done thing to out 'filth' the next man and ting and express your pleasure in hearing the 'durtiest' tunes with the most outrageous statement possible. Some of them of comic gold! Heres a few of my favorites:

jeroine: "it's like optimus prime barebacking a decepticon while being high on a cocktail of crystal meth lsd and pure nitrous oxide"

tehweine: "This track is so filthy I killed my first born child with the spirit of the Lord"

UKhoboso: "He played this live a couple of days ago, it fucking melted my face"

Krats0killer: "10 skunks have shat on me tonight and I still don't feel as dirty as this "

tehweine: "i jsut put a dozzen eggs in the microwave!"

08CJ09: "So filthy my unpregnant wife was forced into labor."

timotje25: "oh my fuxxxn god i jus shat all over the place like a small over excited dog"

Trujunglist23: "Feelin Dis Big Tym , Nyc Wun! "

platoon: "this is how i like it..sounds like that alien tearing and feasting on my puppydog in the garden last night. "

dubstepaholic: "iam actually going to go out and shit on a pensioner, this tune is hype!!!!!!!!"

Toprawmen: "This is the dub I like... the kind that makes you wanna rob a bank and punch a cop."

willjspencer: "oh my good god.. role me over n tickle my colon, this is DURT!!"

Lordgryn: "this filth made me vomit blood"

Just give up mate! You've got about as much rhythm as a bread stick

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gforce1 said...

hahahahahahahaha HA! this blog post is so durty i just jumped against me bedroom wall head first! ;-)