Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Aitken Update- Good News

It has been an amazing morning full of high emotions. We arrived just in time for Mike's morning rehab session. When we got to the rehab gym, Mike was asked how many people were in the room with him and he was able to answer. He was then asked to tell the therapist everyone's names and he was able to give his sister's and his mom's name.
It was as if Mike suddenly woke up this morning in that gym. He is still struggling to speak with his tracheostomy tube, but he was able to ask what happened to him and broke down in tears as he apologized.
Mike was able to recognize his wife, son, and each of his family members as we each hugged him and reassured him that we love him and that he is going to be ok.
Mike was able to push through his emotions and still make great progress in physical therapy. He not only pulled himself to a standing position with little help (in the walking bars). He was also able to take steps, even helping to move his right leg along as he walked with the help of his physical therapist.
Mike continues to amaze us all. This is a great step forward on the long road ahead of him and we are all very excited.
We would also like to add that we greatly appreciate all of the benefits that have been put together for Mike. The benefit jam at Tanner Park could not have gone better yesterday. We were amazed at the outpouring of support and how much was raised. We also would like to thank the crew who were able to raise a large amount for Mike at the races the past couple weekends.
With everyone's love and support we are confident that Mike will find the strength to make a full recovery.
-The Aitken Family

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