Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Look on the bright side?

It’s that time of year again, that’s right a good 6 month stretch until we even get a sniff of the sorry excuse we call for a summer. The mornings are cold and the nights have drawn in, where did the summer go? What was dry is now damp and covered in rotting leaves, its dark as soon as you get in from work and riding doesn’t seem as appealing as it did in June. Our council (North Tyneside) in their infinite wisdom did not budget for spot lights at Whitley Bay Skatepark so you can forget riding that after 5pm. That means heading down on the weekend and if it aint pissing down its probably wet anyway.
Everything seems to slow down around autumn with the weather forcing people to stay indoors and as Christmas approaches people tend to save and shy away from going on the lash every weekend. Of course with the good old ‘Credit Crunch’ taking a bite out of everyone’s expendable income this is even more evident this year.
Aside from the years when it snows enough and sledging is on the cards I am no friend of winter. I can’t ride as much, the odd street session is often a non starter as people struggle to get motivated and of course falling off on cold, cold concrete brings a tear to the eye. Well lit and undercover spots are a rarity around the coast so lets hope this Skatepark that has been rumoured to be near Metro Centre opens its doors sooner rather than later. Until then I’ll be stocking up on thermal duds and trying to ride when I can in between X-Box sessions and cups of tea.


Marc said...

Reaching for the scalpel blades here like mate.

Mexican John said...

haha aye it was canny sour! I guess I was in a shitty mood yesterday. Onwards and upwards mate!

Defty said...

Aye, winter draws in

and only the true brave the season. Unless your right into an xbox sesh!

Anonymous said...

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