Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 17. Bar 25 with Darryl Nau..

Woke up around 11 after some wacky dreams (must have been that pizza in the wee hours) and headed down to the breakfast bar before killing an hour on the internet. Wally still wasn’t up so I took a stroll up to the Volkspark at the top of Friedrichshain. It’s absolutely stifling today so much so that the sweat is dripping off me even when I’m sitting still; riding is out of the question! Wally eventually joined me and we spent the afternoon lazing around in the park watching Hare Krishna’s dance about.
That evening we had planned to meet up with Ross who was going to accompany us to Bar 25 which was notoriously difficult to get into but when I text him he was already there from the night before so we got ready and headed down. Thankfully we got in no problem. Bar 25 is nuts, like some sort of set from Mad Max or some shit.

Once inside I felt completely overdressed (jeans & T Shirt) and completely sober. Let’s just say there were a few characters kicking about who were thinking outside the box when they got dressed that day (or the day before judging by how wrecked most of the punters were!). It was clear we had some catching up to do when we saw Ross who had already been out for 24 hours. We pounded the ales and whatever else we could get out hands on so we could all be on the same page. Darryl Nau shows up and immediately starts getting loose, lifting Wally up and taking photos of everyone in the Bar claiming to be from Bar 25’s website.

"Pretend we're on a roller coaster!! YYYEEAAAAHH!!"

We met Darryl’s girlfriend and friends from NYC who were in town, including his friend Timmy who is good friends with Dave Young. I think Dave Young might have got a strange voice mail at some point during the night, fuck knows what he must have thought!
Everyone got loose for a while and things got a little bit hazy, Wally backflipped into the river and made a few new friends in the river and I think I left at about 8am, ended up walking back and it took slightly longer than it did when I was sober..


shithawks said...

the greatest post in the history of the internet!!!!!!

Mexican John said...

such good memories! Wish I could do it all again.