Thursday, 27 November 2008


Wednesday 26/11/2008 6.10pm, the number 10 bus to the West End of Newcastle

Just as we are driving past the Powerhouse..

“See that place like”


“well yer kna it’s a gay club en that?”

“haha aye”

“wull they play canny tunes up stairs and that, ye kna dance stuff like thee dee at the Ikon”

“arr reet aye”

“wull me and a few of the lads Knoxy n Kev n that went doon there the other week leek to check it out like un thu woodunt let wus in like”

“huh huh whys that like?”

“wull a reckon its wuz cos there woz aboot 10 of wuh an that and al wearing ya kna like stripey tops und the like, ye kna like Lacoste and Paul n Shark”

“ya gannin oot stuff then?”

“well aye man smart as a dart ya kna to you or me. So anyways im guessing the doorman wuz thinking ‘nah no way like this lot are bother’, I suppose a few of wuh had Rockports and that on but I divvent even wear mine al that often, a mean mine aren’t even worn at the back so ye kna I’ve anly worn em a few times leek”

“arrr reet”

“a mean av got nay boffaz wif ‘the gays’ and them ‘puffs’ or nowt, I just heard Cascada pumping oot and fancied a dance ya kna?”

“aye totally like aye”

“so I was like ‘hew man gaffa, I’m not gay but me boyfriend is!! Hahaha”



Lewis said...

who knew mundo was back?

Aye pet said...

Were you on a bus with Dave Cook and Mundo?