Saturday, 11 October 2008

Early bird Saturday session..

Got up early to try and beat the crowds down at the park, got down there at about 8.15am and there was still a few kids there on Spider Man bikes and micro scooters. It was also pretty wet which was a bit of a gutter, even after we swept the whole park to get rid of the puddles it didn't dry up until about midday. Me, Sean and Wally had a good session though and it didn't get too busy until about 2pm when we were all done in. Wally done himself a mischief with an invert over the hip getting his bars caught in his t-shirt and taking a digger to the shoulder. He was down for a while and got a few grazes but luckily nothing was broken. Chilling this afternoon preparing for the Charlie Don't Surf premier tonight, get yersel down man.

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