Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Day 6. Camping shops, Turkish scran and BBQ time

The campsite life has gotten too much for Jo this morning so he has checked out and found a hotel  across town to rest his weary head. Mundo has a loan of Jo's bike for the day so me, him and Wally set out at about 11am for the day. Mundo hadn't come too prepared for the campsite so we found a camping shop to get him hooked up. Germany's prices are pretty similar to those at home for nearly everything except it seems tents and sleeping bags. Not wanting to shell out too much Mundo asked for the cheapest sleeping bag in the store, a snip he thought at €20.  The shop assistant did tell us that it was designed for a small child or hobbit but holding it aloft to size it up Mundo was sure he could fit into it. 
We rode around town and found a few spots then decided to head along to the Turkish market to get some tasty treats. It took some doing finding the damn thing but once we got there we were rewarded with plenty of stalls with tasty Turkish treats; fresh fruit, olives, pastries, fresh fish all at cheap prices.. smiles all round.  

We decided to have a BBQ back at the campsite that night so I bought a bag of prawns to cook while Mundo and Wally opted for the whole Red Snapper. We hit up Aldi on the way home for the rest of the shit; beer, bread and bratwursts. 
Back at the campsite the lads were keenly inspecting their fish when they realised that the little buggers had not been gutted, an amusing 10 minutes followed as the most cack handed pair of fish mongers in town went to work with a plastic camping knife more akin to buttering bread. The snappers inards were soon draped all over the bin. The BBQ was a success after the shakey start and we stood eating and drinking for the remainder of the evening. 
When we turned in for the night it was time for Mundo to test out his new kids sleeping bag, not surprisingly it barely covered his arse!

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