Saturday, 2 August 2008

Day 2. Hangovers, outdoor pools and asylum applications..

I was rudely awoken at around 9 am by the annoying sound of French people nattering away in the tent adjacent to mine. Think I must of had about 2 hours kip and my head feels like it was about to explode.. urgh.  The sun was bleaching down so I  was also sweating my tits off, I crawled out of my tent to reluctantly take on the day. Jo was already up and about but Wally was still fast asleep so I woke him up so he could share in my pain. It was clear that we were all on the same page and it took some time for us to feel human again.
After pulling our heads together we headed over to an outdoor pool in Kreuzberg to relax for the afternoon. We built our bikes up and set off on the ride across town messing around on a few spots around Kultureforum on the way. 
Kreuzberg is a nice part of Berlin and the eastern end has preserved some of the counter cultural vibe that attracted scores of students, punks and hippies in search of an alternative lifestyle long before the reunification of the city. We made it to the pool which was a converted container ship that floats on the Spree river with a bar, decking and sun loungers to boot. It was refreshing to take a dip and chill for a while enjoying the view across the river.
The night time was spent drinking around the campsite until the wee hours talking to a few of the other characters around the bar. We met an aging Canadian called Guy who looked like the text book hippie activist who had came to Germany to seek asylum from the Canadian government as he believes that they are committing treason against the people for the involvement in the Afghan/Iraqi war. Turned out he did have some valid points but unfortunately for him his asylum application has been turned down and he has to go back to Canada in the next few days. 

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