Thursday, 14 August 2008

Day 5. Searching, riding, eating, drinking..

we love snouts us like.

We grabbed the bikes and set off in search of a spot I had seen from the taxi on our first day, it was what looked like a concrete rhythm section that went on for about 60 meters maybe. We stopped off in Charlottenburg for breakfast and then headed towards the airport to retrace our steps back into Berlin.  After a good couple of hours searching we couldn't find it so gave up and headed back into the centre to ride something else.
We made our way across the city to Friedrichshain to ride a spine mini that we had seen last year with some trails around the outside. The trails have since been destroyed but the ramp was still there in all its slippy metal glory.

Would have taken some action shots here but none of us did fuck all!

After a brief spell of riding that Teflon beast we headed along Frankfurter Allee were there are some really good benches with metal edges screwed onto them- perfect for all manor of grind combos.


Got a text from Mundo who was on his way from Hamburg to Berlin, he has been working away in Norway for the past month and decided to do a spot of Inter railing on his 2 weeks off, he had hit up Copenhagen before Hamburg.  We met Mundo around tea time and toasted his arrival with a few Sternbergs (cheapest beer in Berlin, €0.40 a bottle) then went to a Vietnamese eatery in Mitte which was amazing- best scran of the trip so far! After eating we descended upon a cheap cocktail bar and met up with the rest of the motley crew.  We discovered that Cookie and Robbie Len were on lock down for shoplifting from the local supermarket then got let out a couple of hours later with no more than a slapped wrist. These laid back Germans eh? Kenny B the rebel MC was also sporting some bandages on his hand after a mishap while cutting bread, aaayaaazzz.
After drinking at the cocktail bar for a while we went across the street to 'Kaffee Burger' which was a bar not as the name suggests. According to a polish lass who Mundo chatted up this was Berlins biggest hipster joint, in reality it was a shit tourist bar with the shittiest music playlist in the known universe. There was one thing that was funny that I managed to film on my phone before I left, this guy who thought he was the baddest dancer since Jacko. He is.

"aye go on sex him up!"

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