Thursday, 3 July 2008

We have a Bowl

Yep as you can see the concreting of the park in Whitley Bay is well underway, the contractors started spraying the transitions on Tuesday. The bowl looks very impressive and that oververt section should be intersting! It is sort of kidney shaped with a channel and 2 hips leading from the 5ft into the 6ft sections. The rest of the park is nearing completion too and I reckon it should be around 2 weeks for the rest of the concrete work to be finished then maybe another week for the landscaping. Me and Wally went down there tonight to try and test it out as the flat bottom had been finished but a gang of rats on bikes and boards had already tried jumping the fence and the rent a cop was phoning the law, then it pissed it down so we retreated back to Wallys for chicken pie and peas. Very nice it was too! That bowl will be ridden before the week is out.
Heres the plans for a reminder for what it will look like:

Cleggy has posted a Ruben Alcantara thread on the Attila blog, not sure how many times I've watched those sections but they never get old. Check it out.

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