Wednesday, 9 July 2008


It has came around so quick I cant believe it, seems like yesterday that we started talking about the summer and now its here (well the season is but not the weather). We fly to Berlin via Amsterdam on the 5.55am flight tomorrow and unfortunately the weather aint looking much better than it is here- rain is forecast until Monday at least. Looks like riding will be off the cards for the next few days then :-(. Meeting up with Kenny B and his lot tomorrow so if there is no riding the activities will more than likely involve boozing... well we are on holiday after all!
We're in Berlin for 3 weeks and hopefully will do a lot of street riding, in the short time we were there last year we found some amazing spots. The city is about 40km across so who knows what we will find. Not sure if I'll have internet access for the first week as I'm camping but I'll try and get an update sorted as soon as I can and share some of the spots we find.  

Oh yeah, Whitley Bay skatepark apparently opens to the public on the 21st July, went down tonight and it looks amazing, I know I've said this about 10 times but it really does. Enjoy, I'll be there as soon as I get back on the 31st!

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