Tuesday, 26 February 2008

New spot..

Well I say new, not strictly new but previously un rideable anyway. These awesome flat banks are in the yard of Ferguson Transport on the edge the industrial estate near Palmersville Metro station. I had passed this spot for years and dreamed of riding it, but there was always huge lorry's blocking the way. Now the company has moved out leaving the flatbanks to be ridden. There is a small deck at the top of the banks and a mesh fence with is good for springy wallrides. The banks themselves are slightly transioned and get steeper towards the top, good for airs. There is a wierd corner arrangement there too. It was super windy today but me and Joe still managed a bit of a session on them. Its easy to get into as well, part of the fence close to the shop on the photo is broken making it easy to climb over. Get to it!

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