Wednesday, 6 February 2008

LG Viewty Panoramic photos

I recently got a mobile phone upgrade and I opted for the LG Viewty. It has all the mod cons like full touch screen, 120FPS video, 5megapixel camera and full internet browser. However the feature I like best is the panoramic photo option. You take the first photo then when you come to take the second and third photo a 'ghost' image is displayed so that you can line up the landscape or subject correctly. I think you can do this on some Sony phones too. I took a few panoramic shots while I was out riding tonight.
Pretty good for a phone I'm sure you'll agree.

Newcastle Civic Centre

Northumbria University

Newcastle University

Northern Stage/ Newcastle University

Exhibition Sk8y

Exhibition Sk8y
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gforce1 said...

yeah that mobile is lethal! got the same nd u never need a small cam in ur life again! for snapshots its almost too good hahaha!