Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hidden Agenda..

There is something different about people who ride street on a BMX to normal people. When I am outside I am constantly scanning the area for obstacles and apparatus that I could possibly use to make a street set up. Skateboarders have these 'street eyes' to an extent but their vision is shortsighted once concrete and smooth surfaces have been exhausted. BMXers look for grass banks, transitioned cobblestone even trees that have a certain curve to them.. which other sport/pastime/hobby instills this sort of curiosity in your surroundings?
I personally love riding new environments looking for things to ride. Some days I would prefer to ride for 10 miles to ride a less than perfect setup even though there is a perfectly good skatepark 10 minutes up the road. The thing is I know the conditions at the skatepark will remain pretty constant, but the streets are always changing, there is always new construction or your skills may have improved since the last time you passed a spot- opening up a different set of options.
What I like best it this constant searching will be with us forever, I can't wait till I'm 80 boasting to the Nurse that I could have hopped those stairs when I was 25...

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