Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow, Corned beef and a kebab eating pigeon

The local hot spot for sledging was Tynemouth Priory and we had a few good nights there hurtling down the slopes on sledges, bum boards and even a surf board. The killjoys had locked the gates to stop people getting in so we had to climb over after the session. One slip and it would have been goodbye to the family jewels! Here Marty cautiously makes his way over.

January is always a tight month. I was penniless by the 3rd after over spending in Leeds for NYE, so skint in fact I had to eat the last tin in the cupboard- a lovely tin of corned beef..

..along with some frozen veg, a couple of Aunt Bessies and a handful of potato fritters a canny meal was made! Wouldn't eat it again mind.

These icicles were massive! Dangling from a building on Mosely Street they would have caused someone a mischief if they had fell on someone.

The past few weeks have been mental with the snow and the whole country was covered. I for one thought it was great but I'm glad to see the back of it now! Roll on the summer.

Check this little bugger out! While I was at home researching corned beef recipes on the net this rotund looking pigeon was tucking into a kebab! You can see the garlic sauce all down his front haha. When I got my phone out to take the photo and got a little closer he shuffled a bit then sort of just went "fuck it, I cant be arsed to fly away so just take the photo you nosey twat" At least I think that's what he meant.


100 Mile Bike said...

The snow has been mental. Crappy for riding the bike but lovely to look at!!

Luke Bream

dchum138 said...

That meal look's like a good intake to me..........
canat wack abita c beef