Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday Session

I got out of bed about 10am and the prospect of riding today didn't look too great since the ground was sopping wet and the sky was black. Marty came down to mine and we chilled for a bit to see if it would clear up and by 12 the sky was blue, result! We planned to scout about the fish quay area of North Shields for a disused or derelict warehouse to build some ramps. Its been years since we've had any ghetto ramps near the coast and the success of Dyno's ramps has spurred us on to get some built.
It may have turned into a sunny day but it was still cold as fuck so we were well wrapped up when we headed out. Marty wanted to get a hat to cover his lugs so we headed to Poundland and was kitted out with a stylish woolly hat for cheap as well as Toblerones and Lucazade to boot. After we were fully kitted out we went on the hunt and rode a few bits and bobs that we found on the way.

We had a good look around the quay but didn't really find anything with much potential unfortunately so we went to grab some lunch at the chippy to console ourselves. At least it was it had dried up so we could ride some local spots now.

Off the stairs to manny on the grit bin

We found this total dead man gap at the top of the quay, Austin Church gap style. Down hill take off where you have to swerve in to hit it as the stairs are narrow, pull up like a beast, hang on and hope you have enough speed to make it to the other side. Obviously neither of us did it! It is definitely possible though. If Sean Burns comes through Shields anytime soon I'll take him down there haha.

Fancy it?

From here we found a gap off some stairs to Ruben-esque wallride on some white temporary boards that had been put up. Marty took care of that in no time.

We checked out the back of this run down building and found a few pallets and sheets of wood so we made a wall ride on the side of the wall.

It turned out to be pretty good. We messed about there for a while then headed home as the darkness fell. No warehouse found but it was a good days riding.

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