Sunday, 6 December 2009

For Those About To Peg Prem // P5 Dub Jam weekender

The excitement had been building for sometime on the 'Phire as the next P5 jam was to be in Newcastle at a secret location and the night before Pete Greaves was to hold the premier of his new vid 'For Those About To Peg' at the Tyne Bar. The secret location turned out to be a huge warehouse in Gateshead which had been commandeered by Dyno a couple of months before. I went up there on the Friday to check it out and it was clear that D and the rest of the lads had been really busy. The ramps were just as good as a standard skate park but the set up was far better. I was impressed to say least.
We spent the day shifting some wood about and making a few repairs before the big day. Quite a few people turned up in the afternoon and it turned into a pretty good warm up session.
The driveway and sub box set up

Jump box and flat banks over view

Vert Wall

Quarter to wallride

Irish Ben with a gap over the driveway

Jump box warm up session

Liam Oakes was eyeing up something from the drop in off the roof and it looked like he wanted to land fakie into a wedge ramp some 7ft below. He decided to go for it and everyone reached for their cameras. He spotted the landing perfectly and he was about to roll away clean but as he made contact with the ramp his bank wheel went straight through the wood sending him shooting off the back of the bike onto his back just managing to keep his head up missing the cold hard concrete floor. He had the wind knocked out of him but it could have been a lot worse.

The gap

The moment of impact

Thats someone pulling Liam's bike out of the ramp (!)

..and the hole it left

At about 4pm its gets pretty dark in the warehouse so we left to start the drinking for the evening. After a couple of cans in Dyno's house I headed into town to check out the (free booze) exhibition at Electric Sheep and met up with Rob, The Count and the rest of the lads. By the time I got there it was heaving and I couldn't be arsed to wade through to the warm cans of beer so I bought 4 Red Stripe from the shop instead, thought I was gonna have to pay with one of my eyes when I heard the price; £6.40! Wish I had just queued for the free shit instead.

guess who?!

From here we headed along to the Tyne to check out the prem. The video was excellent as was Cookie's Berlin edit which was shown before. Most of the riding comes from Scott Taylor, Pete Greaves, The Count, Olly Olsen, Dyno, Rax, Robin, Dchum and a few more besides. Scott Taylor is out for a long stretch after shattering his heel trying a hop over rail drop in the video, he's pretty done in and its gonna be a while before he's riding again. At least he can be happy with the riding he put in for the video as he was a real stand out for me. Get well soon Scotty T!

For Those About to Peg Trailer - Premiere Friday 27th November from Pete_G on Vimeo.

If you would like to get a hold of a copy Paypal £6 to with your address. Bargain.

It was an early start on Saturday to make best use of the natural light in the warehouse so the meeting time was 10am at 5 Bridges in Gateshead. Quite a few were nursing hangovers from the night before!

There was a lot of kids out and dying to get to the warehouse. We split up into groups and went over one at a time to try to reduce the amount of attention as we got into the building. Once inside it was clear it was going to be a class day, so many people here and wanting to ride. Shit got done pretty quickly.

Nikki Croft just getting warmed up

Unfortunately I had to leave the jam at about 2pm but up till then I had a blast. The riding was amazing and everyone was having a good time. I saw Nikki Crift destroy pretty much every ramp in there, going higher and bigger than anyone in the building. Well done to Dyno, Mute and everyone else who invested time and effort into the event, cant wait for the next one.

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