Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ruben Alcantara: First Hand

First Hand is a sort of interview/bio that is aired on some American extreme channel, I had seen it advertised a few times but unfortunately it hasn't aired in the UK yet. Luckily someone has uploaded it in its entirety to YouTube. Its always a treat to see Ruben footage, for someone as popular and revered as he is there is not enough of footage of him compared with other pro riders. The section is split into 3 parts, enjoy..

Ruben goes on a road trip and rides some concrete parks and street in Cali

Some amazing trails footage from Jay Lonergan's trails in PA

Street Riding in and around Malaga, Spain (that wallride in Mijas is unreal!!)

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P2P said...

sweet shit john, deeky hard enough and you can spot a fading nsf tag in chrome on the edge of the huge tranny if only i had a stoneguard black it would still be bold as fuck!