Thursday, 25 June 2009

2 Days in Newcastle

The resurrection of a brilliant spot; Jo makes the most near Spillers

Jo fakie double peg stall/bash thingy

crew chilling at the infamous pole jam on the Quayside

This looks interesting, need to go back and hit it up..

Nick couldn't believe his eyes when everyone came to dig!

Summer Stylin' at the trails!

Scott T keeping it low and racer style over the second..

and snapping a turndown over the third

Trail Boss Nick Turner sailing over the third into the bomb hole

Tom Bright setting up with the Gorilla Pod

Sling it! Chris Lee presses eject

X gonna give it to ya

Scott T

Chris Lee

Tommy Lee

Nick abandons ship!

BBQ in the woods on a sunny day, nowt better

The tramps den!

His front door

The pit of peril!

This is the trap the tramp uses to catch his dinner

Scott T nose wheelie at the Wasteland

Scott T bizzles

R.I.P Michael Jackson

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Moogar said...

Some crackin' shots as per John son.