Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Jimmy Levan update

Just a quick update on Jimmy's progress and his fund raising so far sincehis accident. The good news is that Jimmy has been progressing pretty well since he cameout his coma last week and sounds better each time I talk to him on thephone. He has been transferred from the ICU at Morristown Memorial Hospitalto the JFK Brain Rehabilitation Institute and is up, shuffling around andpiecing his memory back together. It'll be a long road to recovery but weare lucky that he is in the best rehab center for his injuries and has greatfriends behind him.The bad news is that Jimmy's insurance WILL NOT cover his rehab programwhich he just checked into. The estimated total of the rehab bills is estimated at $70,000 at least and that's coming out of his family's pocket.As you know EmpireBMX is matching donations to the Jimmy fund and nowOdyssey is matching what Empire matches, so we are talking tripplingwhatever you donate!The Empire fund match ends at the end of the business day on Friday so ifyou haven't donated to the fund already, now would be the time to do it!Here's the link to EmpireBMX to donate
-Sandy Carson

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