Thursday, 22 November 2007

Fly reveal new Dylan Smith signature frame..

The new Dylan Smith frame is still in the testing stages but it looks pretty good and it also has a feature not seen on a frame for quite some time- the built in bash guard. The bash guard was designed by Ruben Alcantara and attaches itself to the frame with 2 bolts on the bottom bracket and on the chain stay gusset.
Here it is on Rubens bike.
The bash guard is made of some sort of super light plastic so weight wouldn't be an issue and it will probably be good for grinds too. The frame also has the removable brake lugs so the frame looks clean if your riding brakeless and saves you the hassle (and warranty!) of cutting them off. Geometry wise it is similar to a KP Tierra frame but with bigger dropouts, higher seat tube and a steeper head angle. It has all the other regular fly bike features (Guiri tabs, spanish BB etc) and weighs in at about 4.8 pounds. As with most fly bikes products this will more than likely be a winner but it will be interesting to see if the bash guard takes off, its certainly better than Rooftops frame on Hoffman with the built in metal monstrosity that weighed probably the same as a frame itself!! Surprising how it never went to production even in the realm of motorbike chains and pegs made of scaffolding...

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