Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Some shots from yesterday

With the School holidays in full swing now the skate parks are jam packed and most of the spots we usually ride are busy as well so we have a look a little bit harder to find some quiet street to ride.

This spot of wasteland is going to be transformed into a wallride/hip combo over the next few weeks hopefully.. watch this space

Sam with a gap to flat, North Shields

This spot is a small industrial estate tucked away in the back end of North Shields. Its pretty good but the place reeks of fish! Sam again with 2 hops.

Wednesday kickstart!


Idene said...

I like the way you do your eggs. What is your secret?

Mexican John said...

haha wait till the water boils and put them in with the water just covering them.. leave for 6mins exactly then take them out. Less time if they are at room temp (mine came out the fridge)

Anonymous said...

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