Thursday, 17 June 2010

Back in the mix

Got to ride North Shields park the last few days in the sun while its been nice and quiet. The park is pretty good with a good mix of transition, flat banks and grind stuff. Its a bit tight in places without much flat bottom but it makes it more challenging to ride and makes flowing around easier.
There are a few imperfections such as some of the concrete almost overlapping the coping making grinds impossible and unbelievably they haven't installed any drains whatsoever (!) so chances of riding it anytime soon after a downpour are unlikely. Its also slippy as hell with it being new but its possible to borrow brushes from the sports centre to sweep away any dust. Here are some photos of the finished park:

plenty of possibility's and lines here

The super tight but fun hip/spine/bowl

Riding after 4 months off was painful and sketchy for the first day but not too bad yesterday. Rode with Mundo both days and it feels good to be back on the stead!

Above x2: Rode an old favorite, the fence has been removed at the top so its possible to gap out the bank into the grass if you come flat out round the corner!
Above x2: Rode a new spot in North Shields, this slide makes for a good hip as well as a sub/grind box..
deece spot!

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