Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

After a week at Long Beach doing next to nothing we both got a bit bored so we decided to move to Lonely Beach where we were told there was a lot more going on. We took a room at the Ploy Inn on the main road and had a nice day relaxing and utilising the air con and hot water which we sorely missed while dwelling in the straw hut last week. The first couple of nights we went out on the drink looking to party but we were suprised to find the resort relatively quiet. On the second night we got on the buckets of Sam Song and Red Bull as well as shots of tequilla and snake carcass infused vodka or some shit. Needless to say i was arseholed and had to be carried home by Alba- not a good look! I spent the following hour hoying up- no more Sam Song for me. Alba was throwing up the next day and it was one stinker of a hang over.
One afternoon Alba suggested we get a Thai massage after she had one a couple of weeks earlier and said it was really good. I agreed and as soon as it began I instantly regretted it!My back, neck and shoulders were put through painful twists (often with the masseurs knees in my spine I might add) for over an hour. I was covered in bruises and Alba is still in shock!
On Wednesday we took a boat trip with the people from one of the bars we have been drinking in, it promised snorkeling and a few beaches on the flyer but it was basically a booze cruise. I bought a crate on the way to the boat and had sunk about 4 cans before we even got in the water- I knew it was going to be a good day. We met some decent people and got smashed on a deserted beach- not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

The past few days we have hired a scooter and it has been a lot of fun, exploring every corner of the island. It gives us more choice of what we can do day to day as well instead of being stuck in one place or paying loads for taxis (its only 4 quid a day for the scooter). We had booked tickets to go to Bangkok tomorrow but that has been postponed until Thursday as there are hundreds of thousands of anti government protesters heading there to mash up the place. There has also been bomb threats so think its best to stay clear for a little while longer!


Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear about your next destination , will you also be writing about shitting and spewing up there as well? tell us something interesting or don't bother writing anything at all , see you when you get back .

Mexican John said...

cheers for that Anonymous! If you dont like it dont read it- simple.

tom said...

with green eyes and through gritted teeth i read about your trip, envy keeps me gripped, spew and all, those prawn currys sound lethal, i'm shitting through the eye of a needle in england, never mind in the 30 degree sunshine!

keep em comin bud.........

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