Friday, 12 February 2010

Holidays are here and Winter Skatepark edit

Yesterday was the last time I got to ride for the next 4 months because I'm off on my travels to Thailand and South East Asia on Monday, to say I am excited would be an understatment to say the least! This week me and my girlfriend have packed all of our stuff up and today we moved it all into a storage place up at Byker. Thats pretty much everything we own in that shittty crate! Haha.
Aside from my friends and family my bike and riding is the thing that I will miss most for sure, bit gutted the weather wasnt a little better this week so I could ride more but never mind. I left my bike with Jo so I can get it as soon as I get back, fuck leaving it in that crate! I get back in June just in time for the lazy summer sessions and maybe a trip to Berlin? Who knows.

Here is my first attempt and making an edit using my Lumix LX3. The software is a bit shit but it didnt turn out too bad! I hope to get a proper editing programme eventually.

Hopefully I can get some updates done while I'm away.

See you in the summer :-)

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