Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Killingworth Street mission

It had been a while since I had ridden Killy, mainly because a few of the better spots were now either unrideable or gone altogether. There are still a few half decent spots to be had though and they are all fairly close to one another. Me, Jo Oliphant, Wicked Jo and Richo headed up there the other day to see whats what. We parked up in the town centre and rode the super steep flat bank just next to Morrisons.

Wallride by Jo

We went over the road to try and get into the High School which has a few stair sets and flat rails but unfortunately the gates were locked and the security has certainly been beefed up since last time we were here, there was no way in that didn't involve big spiky fences and CCTV.
Killingworth has a lot of banked subways all around the town so we set off to find some decent ones to ride.

We tried riding this one but with no boards or anything the kink at the bottom it was impossible! It would be sweet with a bit of wood or concrete to soften the blow.

The next thing we rode was this weird mini humpback bridge in a housing estate. Some local mutant was giving us the evil eyeball for awhile but didn't say anything so we rode it for a bit longer before moving on.

Above and below, Jo boosts over some trolls

Jo bridge T-bog

After that we found one of the better subway bank setups in the area and sessioned that for a while, the banks are nice and steep and fun to ride.

Local artwork

Joe and Richo enjoying the sun

After that Wicked Joe gave Richo back to Pizza Hut on the condition he gave him a cheap pizza in return and myself and Jo went to ride the slippy but fun outdoor park at Burradon.

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Fantastic little episode.