Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sunday Session

The weather was looking a bit shit but I decided to chance it anyway as it is was my only day off this week and really wanted to ride. I got to North Shields Metro at about 11am and didn't want to chance getting thrown off so I took my wheel off and moved my bars back so they were touching the toptube, I had no problems getting on. As I sat down I saw my brother Rich and Joe belting down the stairs and onto the Metro with their bikes, 2 seconds later the driver came on the tannoy "no cycles on the train!!" Haha. They ended up getting on the next one with no problems.
Once in Newcastle I did what any self respecting hungover man would do and went for a fried breakfast at DB Social (best brekkie in town bar none). After that I was set up for the day. I headed up to Exy to see who was about and have a bit of a sesh. Once we had a crew together we set off to ride some street. The first spot we rode was that funny flatbank in the carpark behind what used to be Foundation (R.I.P), about 2 minutes into the session Rob snapped his chain resulting in a bruised knee. Rob was soon rolling again thanks to Kune's make shift chain tool (a ratchet used as a hammer). Rob wasn't too deterred by this minor set back as he was keen to grind the rail outside the law courts to keep up his rail a week diet. After a few comedy slams he pulled it no problem. The Count feebled it too.

West Moor representing! Rob gets it pulled.

From here we had a little session on the Penny thing along on the Quayside. Again the Count was in effect with 180 to fakie suicides and Tom Bright was doing fakie no handers on it.

Rob with the half bars!

Tom Bright- no hander

Fakie suicide by sky heed

After milling around there for a while we heading across the river to ride the pole jam on a derelict part of the Gateshead Quay. A full size lampost has somehow been bent over to the floor and thanks to Pete Greaves handy work the light has been removed so the pole goes all the way to the floor. This thing is not for the faint hearted! The Count wasted no time in pedalling all the way across the car park to demonstrate. When he was flying out the end he must have been 6ft up or some shit- crazy.

Chris Lee showing the lamppost who's boss

It started to rain a bit so we messed about in the rusting walkways that were used by scores of radgys and fat slags to get to the infamous disco boat the Tuxedo Princess. One of them was a fully kitted out tramp den complete with settees and a fridge, Robby Cairns climbed in for a closer look.

"hew mista did ye dee that yersel?"

"Sea weed. Fucking sea weed. Fucking sick me like"

The nautical shoe!

Once the dark clouds fucked off we missioned up past the Sage and towards the new Gateshead college where there was sod all apart from a few steps; all the walls have been skate stoppered.

Meiny rocking the coffin down the hill complete with camp wrist! ha

After meeting up with Wicked Joe and Marty we rode the wallride next to the Hilton Hotel, Dyno did some good tailwhip footplants on there, dialled.

A few of us went to ride the 180 curved wallride in the nearby apartment complex, Marty was ripping round it his usual speed. Tom Bright took some good photos of him there, much better than this one taken on my phone!

The last spot of the day was this shady wallride behind Pilgrim Street; Count, Marty and Dyno sessioned it until everyone was too hungry to ride.

Chris Lee with the fakie

Dyno wallride exit

Marty wallride to table

After that we went our separate ways, I retreaded back to Robs with Joe and Marty for pizza and cups of tea. It was a good day!


shithawks said...

this is mint!

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wicked joe going all city