Thursday, 12 February 2009

Jack Frost

I was wondering when it was going to really snow, I've been watching the news and weather updates for weeks and hearing about people skiing in Brighton during the 'worst winter for 20 years'. We've hardly had any down here in North Shields, granted not basking in tropical heat either but the odd dry day here and there. Today though is a different story, looks like the white stuff is finally here. This is the view from my window:

Looks like riding street might be off the cards this weekend.

A few years ago or maybe more myself and a few other riders from Whitley Bay built some trails in some woodland near Seaton Deleval. Not exactly P.O.S.H but fun none the less, a simple 8 pack that was easy to get through and try a few stunts. I can't remember why we stopped going there or when we stopped maintaining them but we went to see them recently and more than a little repair work and TLC is needed! So we've been meaning to go down every weekend for the last 5 weeks but for one reason or another it hasn't happened. Here's what they are looking like at the moment:
Trails don Wally is not impressed with the calibre of the jumps.

I know, fucking nuts aren't they

So hopefully soon (after the snow probably) they should be in the process of getting rebuilt, another spot for the summer months.

I don't know about you but Mountain Bikers really get on my tits when they are clogging up the skatepark. Well in America at least they have a skatepark of their very own. Its called Ray's MTB bike park (catchy aint it) and it doent look half bad as it happens. It features curved wallrides, wooden trails and plenty more besides. Well good old Ray recently held a contest there featuring 2 man teams consisting of 1 pro Mountain Biker and 1 pro BMXer. The contest was judged not on contest runs but on a video section of the pair filmed in the park. Taj was one of the BMXers in the comp and heres his video from the comp (the pair finished 2nd overall):

Its pretty obvious who scored most of the points for the team! The rafter gap at the end is immense. Mountain Bikers look hideous riding ramps but not everyone agrees: check some of the comments on the Comeup, pretty funny.

Heres Dennis Enarsons video:

And Kevin Porters (annoying as fuck but KP has some good tricks in it):

Joe Cox has started a photo blog, check it out here.

Cranks? Who needs cranks? Yes some idiots actually ride these. Saves weight don't you know.

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James Newton said...

That last gap Taj does is wild!